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ASC of Idaho

The Australian Shepherd Club of Idaho is an affiliate club of the Australian Shepherd Club of America, (ASCA®) and shall not affiliate with any other dog club registry. ASC of Idaho is primarily a stockdog club. We like to promote those in our area to join us to learn more about ASCA® and working with an Aussie as a stockdog. We also welcome non-Aussie teams to compete and join our club.

Our Objectives

The objectives of ASC of Idaho is to encourage and promote the breeding of Purebred Australian Shepherds in such a manner as to bring their natural qualities to the highest degree attainable. It shall strive to educate and assist all owners of the breed, to improve their knowledge of the breed and its history.

To protect and advance the interest of the Australian Shepherd breed and to encourage ethical breeding practices and sportsmanlike competition at all dogs shows and trials.

To conduct Conformation Shows, Obedience Trials, Stockdog Trials and other events under the rules and regulations of ASCA®.

And, to encourage all breeders to accept the breed standard adopted by ASCA® as the only standard of excellence by which the breed shall be judged.

Club Business

Robert's Rule of Order Newly Revised shall govern any matter of procedure not specifically addressed by the Bylaws of the Australian Shepherd Club of Idaho unless the Board of Directors establishes another order of procedure.

Download the Bylaws of the Australian Shepherd Club of Idaho (ASC of Idaho) for further details.